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Liebester Love

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I feel most honored to be nominated for a Liebester Award by the very talented Pia from These Woven Words. Thank you Pia ! I adore Pia’s blog and her thoughts on social justice issues, book reviews and general life musings.


The aim of the award is to share the love and give a shout out to some blogs which take your fancy and to share some tid bits *** of one’s life. For unknown reasons, the Liebester award centres around the number 11. So, 11 things to share about myself, 11 answers to Pia’s questions, 11 blogs I want to nominate and my 11 questions to them. So, without further ado –

11 facts about me

1. *** Until a couple of weeks ago, I thought tid bits was pronounced and spelt “tit bits” so I have used this saying in this manner for my whole life and used it in a work email recently which went out to my 100 or so  new-ish work colleagues.

2. I adore cold weather so am ecstatic that Autumn has arrived.

3. My favourite country outside of Australia is Japan. It encompasses everything I love – quietness (there is not a peep in those train carriages), mountains, snow, cold, outlandishly good food, politeness and punctuality (said like a true old fuddy duddy hey ?!).

4. I have loved U2 since I was 13 years old and have seen them play live 8 times. My partner finds this mortifying and thinks Bono is a tosser but, bless him, he took me to see them for my 40th birthday where I cried like a mad lady when I saw how close to the stage we were.

5. My perfect day would involve a massage, delectable food with friends and a great movie.

6. Speaking of movies, my top 3 would be : Life Is Beautiful, My Life As A Dog and Stand By Me.

7. I lived in London for 2 years in my early 20’s and loved the opportunity to live in another country.

8. I went to university in Wagga Wagga and studied Applied Science which is a million years away from what my career turned out to be but it was lots of fun going to a country university.

9. It takes me a good 3 months or so to feel I can be myself with new people I meet. I sometimes wish I could speed this torturous process up.

10. My Virgo-ish “to do” list never ends. I will need about 50 lifetimes to get through everything I want to do. Crochet, permaculture, meditation, soap making, vegan cheese making, trekking in Nepal…you name it, it’s on my list !

11. I worry way, way , way too much and would love to master the art of how to calm my whirling mind (hence, need to learn to do list number 3 from above).

My answer’s to Pia’s questions

1. What is the last thing I made ? I am guessing that means in a crafty kind of way – in which case, my offerings are thin on the ground but I did make some cinnamon scented candles a couple of months ago (they are so easy to make and help turn those old Vegemite jars into something lovely. In a non crafty way – vegan pesto with my bountiful basil leaves from my garden !

2. What is one of my fondest memories ? Hanging out with my fella in Luang Prabang in Laos about 6 years ago – it was one of the most romantic, atmospheric places I’ve been to and I’d gladly time machine whisk myself back there and peer down at the monks and their early morning procession through the cobbled streets.

3. Favourite thing to drink ? Depends on the time of day but the order would go… Coffee, diet ginger beer and Rose in summer or Pinot in winter….and a licorice Pukka tea as my dare devil night cap.

4. Best book you’ve read recently ? I am reading “Farmageddon” by Philip Lymbery and Isabel Oakeshott which is an interesting synopsis of intensive farming and the damage it does to the environmment, our health and, of course, to the lives of billions of animals – the content of which sends point 11 (above) into overdrive. Entertainment-wise, “The Death of Bees” by Lisa O’Donnell would be my recent good read pick. It is very quirky and enjoyable.

5. Is there a cause or charity that you feel strongly about ? Loads ! But if I had to pick it would be Animals Asia. They are incredible do-ers and I think that what is happening to bears trapped on bear bile farms in China, Laos, Korea and Vietnam is one of the worst (and pointless) things going on in the world. Animals Asia educate and rescue and enables transformed lives like these ones (sorry for upsetting image – and, yes, this is how many of the bears exist, often for decades. Unfathomable.)….


Image from Animals Asia

(Please head on over to to to add your signature to the nearly 110,000 signatures seeking the Vietnamese Prime Minister to release the remaining 9 bears held  near Halong Bay in Vietnam in dreadful conditions to Animal’s Asia’s sanctuary. The others have died from starvation and illness whilst waiting for this decision to be made.)

6. Favourite place to read ? In my bed.

7. What’s your idea of an awesome holiday ? Cold, snow, fires, nature, good company, sublime food, some form of exercise so food can be enjoyed without guilt and inches on my thighs and somewhere completely different from home. So, probably a skiing trip in Japan.

8. Best snack ?! Vegetarian Gyozas (I buy the brand KB’s from a big Asian grocery shop near by) and they take just a few minutes to steam or fry and drizzle with some sesame seed oil. Scrumptious.

9. What do you think your best attribute is ? I like to think that I am kind person.

10. What are you listening to this week ? My spotify playlist – lots of Sia, Morrisey, U2, Blondie, Simple Minds, Goldfrapp, Lana del Ray, Florence and the Machine, Sarah Blasko, Little Birdy, Lisa Mitchell……

11. Is there something or someone who makes you laugh every time ? I am lucky to have a very funny partner who makes me giggle everyday. He has recently introduced me to Shane Micallif on telly who tickles my funny bone too. I find Ricky Gervais to be hilarious too.

My 11 questions

1. What is your favourite song to boogey too ? (More than 1 welcome….I would love to build on my playlist).

2. Who would be your ideal dinner guests at a dinner for 4 (including you) if you could pick anyone in the world to be there ?

3. What is your greatest phobia ?

4. You need to buy a housewarming present for a good friend. Which online or real shop would you head to ?

5. Favourite series you’ve watched ?

6. Favourite restaurant or cafe anywhere ?

7. Have you ever seen or experienced anything which would make you believe in life after death ?

8. Best way to get out of a cranky mood ?

10. Most coveted job ?

11. Do you think the world will be a better or worse place to live in 100 years from now ? 

These 11 questions are now put to the authors of 11 favourite blogs of mine – in no particular order. I know some of you popular, talented souls have multiple nominations so please feel free to not answer, answer in a blog post or answer in the comments section below but, being the massive sticky beak that I am, I’d love to know your answers !

1. One Small Life

2. That Summer Feeling

3. Life With The Crew

4. Heike Herrling

5. Bear Loves Dove

6. Authentic Abundance

7. di Terza MaNo

8. A Wondering Life

9. Betty Rose and George

10. Gus and Ollie

11. A Zesty Life

Over to you lovely ladies and thanks again Pia for the nomination. It is a wonderful way to find other blogs and have a sneaky peak into the lives of those we admire ! x


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  1. Michelle

    thank you gorgeous Ing. What a lovely insight into your lovely self. Hehe still laughing about titbits

  2. pia

    Thanks Ing and loved your answers! I’ve only seen U2 once live but they blew me away and say what you like about Bono he knows how to go big on a cause to millions of people! love your play list and reading lists too x

  3. Life With The Crew

    You live in the wrong country to love cold weather. With I could bottle up some of this snow we have and mail it down to you! Having a partner that makes you laugh is a very good thing! We all need to laugh more.

    • Tread Kindly

      Yes, Katie, I was so born in the wrong country (in saying that, I do love Australia) – I would love the distinct seasons that you guys have. Tasmania is always a possibility ! Here’s to laughing more – is the perfect antidote to most situations ! x

  4. kate

    Congratulations Ing, I wish I had the courage like you have to DO good things about the plight of our beautiful animals xx

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