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A Cup of Tea with Me

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Being a bit of a procrastinator and ditherer, I am so glad that I took the plunge and did the Blog with Pip course. As a result of my new found skills, my blog’s format will be new and improved at some point in the near future and I have made lots of new cyber space talented and entertaining friends.

My final “assignment” is this one – listing five things I am “loving right now”, over a pensive cup of tea (Japanese green tea from owl covered tea pot). This post is timely for me as I have been trudging through a bit of a hard patch for a while now so I like this gentle little reminder to myself that, despite some almighty hurdles – which I am still in the midst of dragging myself over, my life is pretty damn fine and here is my list….

Number One : Living in Sydney.


I stalk country properties on Domain endlessly and yearn for a tree change – far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Damn you River Cottage series with your rolling green hills and bountiful vegi gardens, have a MORE envy inducing lifestyle why don’t you ?!?  HOWEVER, the reality right now is that me and my fella have our city jobs, our city family and friends, our city house mortgage to pay and this fantasy will not be happening in the foreseeable future (it will happen though !). Until then, I am lucky enough to be living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We have the best Japanese restaurant EVER (inclusive of Japan) in walking distance from our house. We can see wonderful exhibitions like the World Press Photography exhibition, like we did last weekend, for free.  A drink and snack by a glistening harbour is an easy thing to do and we were even lucky enough to indulge in “Roar and Snore” at Taronga Zoo (*) a few nights ago (birthday pressie to my fella). I have great places to walk my hound (and lots of lovely new-ish friends to walk with) and, overall, I am loving living where I do right now. * I have mixed feelings about zoos – more about that another day – but Taronga is definately one of the better examples.

Number Two : Having a bath ritual.

I recline like a princess in our generous sized, 1950’s bath pretty much every night. Candles, bubbles (Coconut Bathox), a book and sometimes a wine are included in this indulgence. My dog always comes in and stares at me. Whatever worry I have during the day (aplenty of late), feels not nearly as daunting or fearsome after my little contemplative soak.

Number Three : Winter Hibernating with good books and shows.

Winter is my favourite season and  is the perfect time of year for some good old fashioned, guilt free lurking at home rather than gadding out and about. I do have a bit of a hermit-ish inclination to my personality so it suits me just fine ! Thanks to Kate from One Small Life, I have just started a new book which, one chapter in, I know I am going to love – The Happiness Show by Catherine Deveny . TV Series wise, we have just finished the brilliant series of Borgen (who knew that Danish politics could be so engrossing !) and have started on series 2 of “Orange is the New Black” which I am loving. Pottering at home is massively under rated.

Number Four : A couple of successes in the garden

My beetroots, chilli plants and garlic are growing abundantly and I am learning how to prepare my garden beds for the next project of potatoes. I get a gigantic thrill out of cooking from my garden offerings.

Number Five : Fostering some resilience and courage from within

This is a big one for me at the moment. This very so apt card :


sums up what is making my working life shitty at the moment. It is one of those “beyond my control problems” where only recently, after several months of way too many sad sack tears and feeling utterly morose and powerless, I have  felt myself turn the corner and I can proudly step back and survey all the things I have learnt (and put into action !) from this vile and testing time. I can finally see some silver linings emerging and feel positive rather than teeth grittingly resentful about the changes which I know I have to make.

Part of my “sticking it to the man”….(thanks Ashley from The Squee for this brilliant turn of phrase – courtesy of your unmissable “giving it to” Joe Hockey post), I will be taking some glorious time off  (thank you long service leave)…weeks and weeks of doing nothing much aside from the top four things mentioned above, along with meandering walks with my dog and, no doubt, you’ll be hearing from me much more often. So, the anticipation of being able to do all things “I am loving right now” for almost a couple of months in the not too distant future is a wonderful thing.  As is the new found realisation – that………..   saying


You can head over here to find some of the wonderful blogs from my fellow classmates and hear all about what they are “loving right now”.


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  1. Annette

    Pottering is awesome! Perfect winter activities listed here. Love it!

  2. Life With The Crew

    It is good to appreciate where you are living now, because for all the wishing and envy of other places, chances are you might not ever get there. So appreciating what you’ve got is important. I’m not a fan of zoos either. I know there are probably some good ones out there, but on a whole, the animals are kept in an enclosure and stared at – how is that for a life. I hope to have some beets growing in the Fall, might are just small seedlings now – enjoy yours!

    • Tread Kindly

      I do try to “live in the now” as I can be guilty of a bit too much dreaming my life away sometimes. The whole zoo thing is so complicated. This particular zoo in Sydney does so much for conservation and rescues injured wildlife etc that I want to support them but I do agree with the fact that the animals would probably prefer not be be being gawked at by us!

  3. Heike Herrling

    OH my… how I envy your bath! That is the one thing that I truly wish our caravan had, and hasn’t.
    xx Heike

  4. Eva

    I have to agree we do live in a great city. Can’t wait to read your thoughts on zoos and hear about Roar and Snore!

  5. Jenny Jones

    What a lovely lot of wonderful things right now. I love Sydney but I know how you would be inspired by River Cottage for sure. It sounds as though you are really living in and enjoying all Sydney has to offer. Your bath sounds divine and you dog very lucky I think:) Enjoy your time off

  6. Naomi Bulger

    What a lovely list. I can relate to most of this! Including the “damn you River Cottage series” sentiment, which has me yearning to make Elderberry Wine and cursing my inner-city back yard.

    • Tread Kindly

      But I guess Naomi, we are the envy of those living in units with no backyard aren’t we so everything is relative. I love the sound of Elderberry wine, I might have to look into how you make it !

  7. Jo from Blondie By the Sea

    Hi Ing. You’ve made having a bath seem very enticing. I should have a bath more often. i hope you really enjoy your long service leave and pottering, I love to potter. Jo xx

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