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Lonesome (but not lonely) in Leura

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“It’s Just Me, Myself and I” – De La Soul

I’ve said this before but it does deserve repeating. We must not forget to be kind to ourselves as we endeavor to tread kindly about this earth. Mingling with a big gaggle of extroverted people may well make you feel happy, alive and wonderful. For me, however, it is some unadulterated alone time, sometimes away from my nearest and dearest, which is essential for my sanity and soul. I try and treat my rather  hardcore introvert within at least once a year. This time I picked Leura for my solo journey.

Just a mere hour and a bit on the quiet train carriage of the Blue Mountain line, sipping in a thermos of tea (yes, I am now of a certain age) before I was in the midst of the beautiful Blue Mountains.










My smug / excited face when I knew that all my review stalking of airbnb had paid off and  that I had selected the most perfect accommodation choice.


My morning view








Everything about my airbnb find Elphin was truly delightful – including it’s owner Lou (who I gladly put my solitude on hold for to natter to on a few occasions). Groovy decor and quirky pictures galore, a gas stove, privacy, peace and quiet, the sweetest dog who’d venture down for a visit, a bath (mandatory for me), comfy bed, bird noises and ethereal mistiness in the gully to gaze upon. Such bliss. When I was not reveling in my alone time in my little palace I :

Ate out :

  • Delicious bibimbap and apple / ginger tea at atmospheric little Korean restaurant Sinwiye in Katoomba. There were quite a few vegan / vegi options. I’ll try their renown vegi dumplings next time.










I’m going to keep Laughing Elephant up my sleeve for my next visit. It is reported to have great vegan Banh Mi and Pho and is nice n’ handy to the Charles Darwin bush walk.

Bush walked :

The Charles Darwin Walk from Wentworth Falls railway was idyllic. I did a circular trip which took me about 3 hours. It was sufficiently quiet people-wise – just a few selfie stick wielding tourists were roaming around – but not too quiet either which would have freaked me out (alone walking in the bush can feel a tad creepy / Wolf Creek-esque). The falls were not at their peak glory due to the lack of rain but were beautiful all the same. As was my icy foot soak in one of the many watering holes along the way.













Street walked :






With the obligatory “I want to buy a cute little cottage in the mountains” domain search and subsequent street stalk….


Cute hey ? On sale for about 530K








Shop browsed :

I didn’t buy anything, only browsed, but  Leura Whisk is filled with groovy things. The owner’s are obvious animal lovers with a Voiceless collection tin at the counter and a poster to urge adoption of homeless dogs.

Had a massage and a facial :







Facials are a once a year indulgence for me. Oozing femininity, softness and gorgeous smells, I picked Awen Natural Beauty after googling cruelty free products / facial. Being lavishly pummeled by the beautiful and serene Ange was a blissful change from the rather rough / no nonsense Chinese massages I am used to. I felt like a spoilt little princess by the end of it – in a good way ! The very ethical products used to lavish me were Edible Beauty and Juniper – they felt and smelt divine and I floated out of there like a cloud.

Now, back in the shouty world of traffic, early mornings, work and chaos it’s time to plan the next sojurn.

I’d love to hear about any solo travel spots you’ve relished…..pray tell !







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    Nawww that all sounds just perfect, luv! And look at the smashing weather!!! 🙂

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