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Recipe of the Week – “No Lamb” Middle Eastern-Style Bake

Posted by on Apr 14, 2013 in Recipes - Savoury | 0 comments

Thank you to for this one. She is one talented chef and shares some tantalising recipes on her blog.

As I didn’t really alter it at all, I will be lazy and just post the link – here.

Here is how mine turned out. As with all these type of layered dishes, it tasted even better a few days later. It is a bit of work so is not one for the working week. Nor is it in any shape or form slimming. For the dairy free cheese (a topic for my next post), I used Sheese (the blue cheese flavoured one) – it is hard, tasty and grate-able and can be found at smaller specialist supermarkets such as Harris Farm but any dairy free cheese will do. Nutritional Yeast flakes are found in Health Food Shops and create the cheesy flavour (and, are apparently very good for you too). IMGP6083Hope you enjoy this dish as much as my little family did and, apologies for the slightly feral looking casserole dish.

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