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Smoothie Bowl

Posted by on Dec 16, 2017 in Kind Companies, Recipes - breakfast | 4 comments


On this sticky Sydney summer’s day, I’ve finally got around to making a smoothie bowl. It was utterly delicious, oozing with healthiness and quick to make. Here’s how I made my creation (serves 2) :

2 tightly packed cups of baby spinach leaves into the blender with half a cup of coconut water (normal water would be fine too). Blend.

Add a chopped up frozen banana and about a cup of frozen mango and cherries. Blend some more.

Pour green concoction into bowl. Add little rows of whatever takes your fancy. I included raspberries, hemp seeds (now legal in Australia !), blueberries, mint leaves and granola.

More on the Granola…….It comes from a lovely company in Eveleigh (they are also in Melbourne) called Two Good. 2 liters for $25 in a reusable jar. Money well spent – not only for the scrumptious taste but my purchase meant that another jar was sent to a local domestic violence refuge. The same concept applies for all of the other lovely things (like salads, meals in a jar, pickles, Christmas hampers, boxes of tea and body creams and shampoos/conditioners) they stock. Plus they employ disadvantaged women, make deliveries by bike and reuse the jars. Definitely a good, kind company to support !



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  1. Andy

    Looks good.. I’m gonna give it a go, I’m getting podgy…or is it pudgy?? Xx

    • admin

      Thanks Andy. I am currently a tad podgy / pudgy too (goodness, which one is it ?!)…..I had my smoothie bowl as a mid morning snack rather than the meal it probably is intended to be !

  2. Sarah

    This looks delicious. I reckon I might give this a go and definitely love the ethos of Two Good.

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