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Sleeping dogs and bircher museli

Posted by on Nov 15, 2013 in Recipes - breakfast | 2 comments

I wanted to swindle in a photo of our kooky dog sleeping but couldn’t think of a suitably relevant blog topic… I have made the very loose connection between our sleeping hound (in the crook of his daddy’s arm, on the lounge…spoilt much ??) and my most favourite new breakfast concoction………delicious coconut bircher museli. Until a couple of months ago, I thought that bircher museli was reserved for trendy cafe menus and the whole over night soaking thing put me off. But no, this bircher museli is so delicious, nutritious and easy to make that I habitually make up a batch on Sunday night and have it every morning for breakfast at work. I have tried a few other varieties but keeping coming back to this one….




2 & 1/2 cups of rolled oats

500 ml coconut water

100g flaked coconut

4 tbsp honey (or agave syrup)

4 large pinches cinnamon

3 tbsp sesame seeds

Julienned granny smith apple and sliced banana

Optional : 4 tbsp Greek yogurt (sourced from a kind dairy)

What to do

Make up batch by mixing first 5 ingredients above together and refrigerate overnight. Serve topped with apple and / or banana or any other fruit you desire along with yogurt if you want and top with more sesame seeds and flaked coconut.

I find it makes 3-4 generous serves. 



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  1. Katie

    Love your gorgeous dog!! Great easy recipe, thank-you. i discovered quinoa flakes the other day (Macro brand – available at Woolies) and add a large spoonful or two to my meusli – good way to add some protein into your breakfast.

    • admin

      Thanks Katie ! I am glad you passed on that quinoa flake tip….I have a bag in my cupboard and didn’t know what to do with them, now I do ! xxx

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