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10 Fabulous reasons to vote for the Animal Justice Party

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“The measure of a man is what he does with power” – Plato


My little blog usually focuses on all the things which we, as individuals, can do as part of our day to day life to be kinder and gentler to animals, the environment, ourselves and each other. I love the fact that these habits are immediately available and we remain firmly in control of such choices.

However, there comes a time where we need something a little bit more than our individual power. We need policy, legislation and laws in place to protect our world and the creatures we share it with….otherwise one can feel like a grain of sand in the desert, plodding away on our little individual quests to make the world a better place.

Next weekend, Australians will all have the choice about who we want to lead us, form our boundaries and come up with much needed new horizons to work towards. Yes, it is election time !

If you are reading this page, you are no doubt an animal lover. If you are an animal lover, there are a plethora of reasons to by pass the standard, lackluster duopoly and give the Animal Justice Party (AJP) your valuable vote. Here are 10 of mine:

1. Unlike the Labour and Liberal parties (who inexplicably want to expand the trade) the AJP are fierce opponents of the live animal export trade. If you’ve watched the news over the last couple of weeks…you would have seen history repeating itself. Yet again, we viewed horrific footage of Australian cattle being bludgeoned to death by sledgehammers in Vietnam. This trade is just vile and the majority of Australians want it to end. It is also corrupt – with news breaking last week of the brave whistle blowing vet, Dr Lynn Simpson, being dismissed from her job after photos and footage she took of the appalling conditions faced by the animals  on board the live export ships were mistakenly posted (not even by her) and made public on the Department of Agriculture’s website. Outrageous ! If you have any questions, as I did, about the implications of ending live animal export (“won’t they just source animals from other countries ?”, “some countries can’t import boxed meat as they don’t have refrigeration, right ?” etc), I found this page from Animals Australia to be a wealth of info to help dispel the myths. New Zealand banned live animal export for slaughter in 2007 due to animal welfare concerns – so can we. The Greens also support an end to Live Animal Export.

2. They support an Independent Office of Animal Welfare (IOAW). This is a big one. As it stands now, animal protection is largely governed by departments of agriculture, or their equivalent, around the country. There is a glaring conflict of interest there which means that those given the power to protect animals, tend to do the opposite in order to…you guessed it….make money ! We need an INDEPENDENT organisation to look after the interest of farm, companion and wild animals – to create legislation to protect rather than harm these creatures. We also need to re-think who should be the primary agency when it comes to animal cruelty enforcement. Should such a vital role continue to be held by a largely public funded charity ? (RSPCA). The Greens and the ALP also support a IOAW (but to varying degrees). Read more here.

3. They seek to address the strong but too frequently ignored link between human violence and crimes and cruelty to animals. In an issue particularly close to my heart, in domestic violence cases they will seek to have refuges include facilities for pets too. Such a simple solution when so many women currently won’t leave a violent home due to fears for their animals.

4. They acknowledge the indisputable and damning correlation between animal agriculture and climate change.  Cowspiracy is a great documentary about this very issue if you want to learn more.

5. They have a viable, practical plan to deal with the crisis currently affecting companion animals where 250,000 healthy dogs and cats are being euthansed every year in Australia due to inadequate systems in place.

6. The AJP are offering kind and inclusive “people policies” too. They are supportive of refugees, the LGBTI community and believe in same sex marriage. They also recognise the unsustainable notion of an unlimited growing population and urban sprawl.

7. You can get a taste of what their influence could look like by following the great things Mark Pearson’s (the AJP member in NSW) has been striving for  in State parliament from wanting sprinkler systems installed in piggeries (to prevent sows burning to death in a fire) to ending kangaroo slaughter.

8. They oppose grey hound racing. Another corrupt, cruel, greedy, self serving “sport” which so many other countries have banned. Undercover footage showing the use of live animals used for bait and our government’s lack of care when it comes to exporting dogs to countries devoid of any laws to prevent animal cruelty shows that this industry has no future.

9. The AJP consists of a diverse collection of kind, measured and smart people. I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the current contenders. NSW, QLD, WA, TAS, SA and the ACT have candidates for the senate and NSW, SA and VIC are well represented by contenders for House Of Reps spots.  Our government currently seems full of many large egos, questionable agendas and skewed morals. To have some representatives in parliament who share the commonality of wanting a kinder world would be a breath of fresh air. The AJP how to vote page reveals if you have a contender in your electorate. I unfortunately don’t have one in my area but can still vote for AJP number 1 in the senate.

10. No you don’t have to be vegan to be part of the AJP but the benefits of a plant based diet are on their agenda – for good reason. Vegetarianism and veganism are growing in popularity world wide. Companies overseas like Hampton Creek and Beyond    Meat are going gang busters with new plant based innovations. Like renewable energy versus coal, the benefits of investing in farmers who grow plants should not be underrated on an economic basis.

You can read more about the wonderful policies of the AJP on their webpage here.

Finally, there’s a pretty god damn cute poster boy for the AJP….in my house at least….



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