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Feeling angry !

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“It is wise to direct your anger towards problems – not people, to focus your energies on answers – not excuses” – William Arthur Ward

Ollie the Activist Dog (how cute is he ?)

Has anything made you angry / sad / mad this week ? I have frequent triggers for such feelings…..factory farming, the recent closing down of local women’s refuges in spite of soaring domestic violence, our government’s inaction on climate change, being the only person at the supermarket this morning not to be using plastic bags, the unprecedented number of dogs being euthanased at local council pounds in recent weeks, most stuff that comes out of Tony Abbott’s mouth, birds in little cages, people not walking their dogs and treating them like they are a piece of outdoor furniture, violence towards people and animals in the name of religion, road rage towards cyclists, Barnaby Joyce’s face, finding out that my favourite vegetarian laksa is made with chicken stock……grrrrrrrrr.

Feeling mad (in an angry way that is) is not pleasant but does have the positive result in spurring us into action sometimes.

This week’s sad / mad / angry feelings are directed to our government’s ongoing failure to protect our livestock unfortunate enough to be part of the live animal export trade. I am not going to share the images here as they are painfully sad and distressing and not everyone wants to view them. However, these atrocities involving animals from Australia, which were captured in the recent Eid al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) in Kuwait, Jordan and Gaza  have been documented everywhere this week – including Lateline, Sydney Morning Herald and the Animals Australia website.

Live animal export is indefensible. Despite repeated images of these poor, tortured animals being released, nobody has been charged or made accountable and a charity (Animals Australia) finds itself in the position of always being the ones to document and investigate the horror. How any farmer could continue to send their animals overseas, knowing that the majority of animals are still slaughtered without being stunned first or fall into the hands of bumbling, untrained locals to be butchered in the street is beyond me. That is if they survive the harrowing 3 week journey at sea first.

As for our morally bankrupt government, all they want to do is expand the trade into yet more places such as Saudi Arabia where laws protecting animals do not exist. The “it’s good for our economy” or ” but it’s their livelihood” excuses wear a little thin. I have put a few links at the bottom of this page about live animal export and they address all the standard “but they don’t have refrigeration overseas”, “our farmers will go broke”, “that Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) ensures humane slaughter right ?” lines.  New Zealand banned the live animal export trade back in 2007 (and now focuses on exporting boxed meat) due to the systemic cruelty so why can’t Australia ?

Moving on,  anger can lead to positive action which can be cathartic and hopefully make a little drop of a difference. So today I have harnessed my anger by writing a letter to my local MP (yet again), sending a donation to Animals Australia outside of my monthly donation, here and now publicly thanking the decent politicians who take a stand against live animal export ( including Andrew Wilkie, Lee Rhiannon, Kelvin Thomson, Melissa ParkesLynn McClaren and Ed Husic) and donning my anti live animal export t-shirt with a vengeance…..none of which are earth shattering moves but I am pleased to have done SOMETHING.


Up close and personal !

Has any thing made you crazily angry this week ? More importantly, what were the little steps you took to address it ?

PS Despite this rant, I am not usually a crazy, angry lady ! I can assure you that just as many things make me happy … dog’s antics, baking biscuits, the smell of jasmine wofting around,  planning a picnic with friends, boogieing at No Lights No Lycra, listening to Sia, the thought of having a pear Rekorderlig cider in the bath later tonight, hanging out with my beautiful man, indulging in a massage today after a busy week at work, getting an email from my mum on her overseas travels, receiving a gift of a good book to read (Goldfinch, Donna Tartt), Caramel sea salt chocolate,…….the list goes on….thankfully !

 Here are some good links if you want to know more about the Live Animal Export Trade

Frequently Asked Questions about Live Animal Export (Animals Australia)

The Alternative To Live Animal Export (World Animal Protection)

Ban Live Export (official site)

Live Export Facts (RSPCA)


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  1. Viv

    Great post. I’m glad that you were/are angry. In situations like this I think anger (directed towards solutions) is better than being disinterested (and having no response at all). Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tread Kindly

    Thanks for commenting Viv – yes, the harnessing of anger for good is surely a useful tool at times !

  3. Joanne Pope

    I was angry too last week. It was so frustrating to know nothing was being done except by Animals Australia and other outraged people. As I told my 12 year old son, we can choose not to eat meat and change our diets and this brings change. But the decision to export these animals was given without our consent. And we are powerless asvthe animals are dead and now more are being loaded for another journey. It makes me so sad and mad. I sent quite a few emails as well. Now we wait and hope for change. Thank you for your rage!!!

    • Tread Kindly

      Thanks Joanne, it is good to know that there are some kindred spirits out there. So true that we can make certain lifestyle choices but the big decisions are really out of our hands. I wish I could do more to stop this trade but will keep doing the little things I can, what choice is there ? Lovely that you are teaching your son to be a kind and thoughtful person.

  4. One Small Life

    Love the way you write Ing, such passion and despite the seriousness of your subject matter you actually made me laugh out loud! (Barnaby Joyce’s face – too funny) I’ve said it before, but I will say it again, it’s so great what you do here, giving accessible advice and tips for action on these topics. Really love it. x

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