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Lonesome (but not lonely) in Launceston

Posted by on Sep 13, 2015 in eating out, Holidaying | 6 comments

“In solitude the mind gains strength and learns to lean upon itself” – Laurence Sterne


View out my window (at Oswalds) with aptly titled book on display

A quick disclaimer here……I truly love and relish spending time with my partner, friends and family.

BUT………..I also love spending some quality time……alone. (You will feel less hesitant admitting to this if you’ve read the brilliant book Quiet).

I was lucky enough to have been able to tack on a couple of “it’s all about me” days on the tail end of a recent adventure to Tasmania.

These days were spent in a town I have fallen madly and deeply in love with…….of all the unlikely places on the planet……Launceston ! What a magnificent place. Here is a little run down of what I got up to during my couple of days of self imposed solitude:

  • I stayed at THE most blissful airbnb place. Oswalds. Affordable for my solo self. Peaceful, comfortable and, well, just perfect. Loved the cruelty free Sukin bathroom products too. The church bells next door (in the beautiful St Oswalds church) ring out every Monday to signify the plight of refugees.

Pretty church next door


















  • Ate out. I do not have enough superlatives to describe how good the food was at Garden of Vegan. No wonder it (a vegan restaurant ‘n all !) rates number one on Trip Advisor for Launceston.

Garden of Vegan – beautiful hey ?










Vegi cafe Fresh On Charles was pretty damn fine too. (How stunning are the wall designs ?)


Fresh on Charles groovy decor


















The Best Coffee Place award went to Sweet Brew (the coffee was superb). A plethora of groovy mags like Frankie to immerse your solo self in. AND, the draw card for me was this sign….(the cafe owner’s 5 year old son sells lemons to raise money to release captive bears in Romania – he has already raised enough money to enable one bear to be released – read more about Tariku’s inspiring tale)


Tariku’s lemons























………suffice to say, I came home with a few lemons in my luggage.

  • Strode many of the thigh strapping tracks on the spectacular Launceston Gorge which was right on my doorstop.
  • Fossicked in a few very sweet shops – loved Inside and Den which were full of locally made lovely things.
  • Had a massage which, in my books is the pinnacle of some indulgent “me time” – I would highly recommend Tai Chi Chinese Massage.
  • Went to the glorious Saturday farmer’s markets (admittedly I did this the weekend prior when I was with friends) but I enjoyed my purchases (including a 3 pack of some local “Henry’s” ginger beer (including a scrumptious Wasabi flavour) during my solitary sojourn).
  • Read an incidentally apt book  – Neon Pilgrim by Lisa Dempster. A brilliant memoir about her solitary (and vegan) 1200 km pilgrimage on the Henro Michi in Japan. Really loved this book.
  • Did not enjoy the Japanese macaque enclosure in the Botanical Gardens. It was little more than a small zoo enclosure which left me feeling a bit sad (even though the macaques were undeniably cute).
  • Thought about going on a bike ride. Alas, it was a bit too chilly (and I was a bit too lazy) but there are free bikes available to wizz around on – available through Artbikes.
  • Stalked the neighbourhood streets eyeing off the beautiful houses whilst imagining myself (with ease) as a Launcest-eon 

    Gorgeous houses abound in Launceston










I acknowledge that as a child-less person, it may be easier for me than some to have some one on one time with myself. And maybe not everybody would enjoy it ?? I however, have come to the realisation just how much I need and cherish a few reflective, self indulgent days to myself. Hence, each year I will be guiltlessly weaving in a few such lonesome days into the calendar. Try it out – you can ponder and potter, listen to whatever music you like and go to bed at 7.30pm without being heckled and called names (like nana).


Hi Dawn….. View out of my bedroom window on my last morning (sob)

It is unlikely that I will be able to lure myself anywhere else for the forseeable future other than back to Oswalds to do all this again BUT, a couple of other good solo destinations I recommend are :

  • The Pittwater YHA in Sydney. I have been going there with friends since I was a young lass. They do have very affordable, single rooms though but you have to book ahead as it is so damn popular now that the secret is out.
  • Some shameless spruiking here but my mum’s airbnb place, in the inner west of Sydney. My mum has always been a very bold, intrepid, often solo traveler so she is sympathetic to the plight of the lone traveller and prices her cute place accordingly.
  • A tad more costly for the single traveler but Inspirations on Bruny (yes, Tasmania again, there is a bit of a theme going on hey ?) is another brilliant place to escape from the world.

Do you have any others to recommend ? Am I alone in my love of some alone time ?




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  1. One Small Life

    I love this Ing. I love spending time by myself. In fact one of the things I lament since becoming a parent is a lack of time by myself, and in particular by myself in my own house. Just to potter around on my own in my own space has, when it happens become quite the luxury! I use my mediation retreats to top up my introvert cup, 5 days of SILENCE. Bloody bliss! Glad you are taking this time for yourself Ing and making it a lovely priority. xx

    • Tread Kindly

      Aw, lovely Kate, how did I know that you would get this ! Hopefully you’ll get a few more of those home alone moments as time goes on and the kids get older. Goodness, 5 days of silence, would do wonders for your soul – hope you have one on the horizon. Always love hearing from you, thanks for stopping by lovely x

  2. Emily

    I am a big fan if alone time too. This year I had a mini break by myself and it was gold! The place you stayed looks like my cup of tea. I’m thinking and annual weekend is order for me, take all my creative stuff a book, my journal and if I don’t even get any if it out that’s quite ok too.

    • Tread Kindly

      It sounds like it would be right up your alley Emily – yes, I too am going to make it (solo sojourn) a yearly thing – does wonders for the soul. You and your journal would feel right at home at Oswalds – it felt like a little writer’s retreat !

  3. Sandra

    Thanks for the tips Ing. I’m heading up Launceston way tomorrow with a friend. We are rehoming some rescue pigs to Big Ears Sanctuary. I’ve been to Launceston a few times but have never managed to get to Garden of Vegan. Really want to go there. Love Fresh on Charles though. And I sure do enjoy mini-breaks on my own like you do.

    • Tread Kindly

      Oooh Sandra, how wonderful sounding – sanctuaries, rescued pigs, get away with friend – lucky you. Have a brilliant time and you MUST make time this time round for Garden of Vegan. You will love it ! x

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