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Escape from the big smoke

Posted by on Sep 14, 2013 in Holidaying | 6 comments

“The only good cage is an empty cage” – Lawrence Anthony

If only all chooks could live like this…..


The Girls at Mill Paddock Cottage – during the day



The girls’ sleeping quarters

 This is just a quick post to get me back into the swing of things following a 3 month blogging hiatus. I have been paralysed by work stress, indecision about where to start, self doubt (“does anybody read my rambles ? Are they too preachy ? Are they uninteresting ? Am I a facebook cretin – why do I find it so confusing ?” And so the internal dialogue goes on….) and procrastination which has now ended thanks to :

1. The recent election result. I don’t think we could have a more mean spirited, unkind, environmentally irresponsible government in power which means that, more than ever, we, as individuals, need to be responsible for kind changes in our lives through our everyday choices and actions.

2. Reading Mary Hutton’s awe inspiring book “Free the Bears“. If a 55 year old stay at home Grandmother could change her life so drastically and help so many animals (and people)  in need, we all can. Such a wonderful book – I was all teary and emotionally touched by page 2 of the preface, pathetic creature I am ! We may not all have the “extra-ordinariness” of the Jill Robinson’s, Mary Hutton’s or Lyn White’s of the world but we can all find our little niche or something that we are good at, and make positive day to day changes in our world.

3. Recently spending 3 days with my fella at the beautiful Mill Paddock Cottage, in Mountain Lagoon – just near Bilpin, only about a 90 minute drive from Sydney’s frenzy. It is an animal lovers paradise and gave me that much needed space (along with a serious addiction to the series “Orange Is the New Black”) to take a step away from my endless to do lists, internet distractions and the chaos of living in a big city. If the thought of gorgeous native birds sweeping onto your verandah, the free-est of free range chooks wandering the grounds, cute dogs, bush walks, cherry blossoms, grass chomping horses and night time frog noises tickles your fancy, get thee to Mill Paddock Cottage. The only bad point is that it has set off my “moving to the country” fantasy again which has spurred that to do list and real estate stalking back into action.

4. Some lovely feedback from friends letting me know that some of my posts have actually led to some kind changes in their lives.

So coming up……

– a swag of new success recipes from my kitchen (green tea icecream – oh my !). I will keep the failures on the low down (macadamia nut cheese – almighty fail !).

– new topics will be kicked off with how to indulge your love of cheese in the kindest way possible.

It’s good to be back.


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  1. Melinda Duncan

    Thanks Ingy – I’m liking the sound of that Cottage! Beautiful! Keep up the great work and words of wisdom. x

  2. Andy Rod

    We are so lucky compared to how most people in the world live and it’s so easy to be complacent about the injustices we see here and around the globe. You’re call for championing change on an individual level, as to what we can do in our own immediate surrounds, is inspirational Inge, and much needed. It’s great what you’re doing. Axo

  3. kate Reilly

    Well my love I’ve managed to read it and the cottage sounds divine. The “girls” are very lucky and as you know I can vouch for the green tea icecream, just fabulous. xxx mum

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