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Meat Free Week thanks

Posted by on Apr 1, 2013 in Factory Farming | 2 comments

“I think the concept of Meat Free week is a great way to promote not only the inhuman approach of factory farming, but also a way to bring a more mindful approach to consuming meat in our daily lives. If we all even just took the approach of having some meat free days in our lives, it would be a huge step in assisting to create a positive change in our world and the environment in which we exist.”
Rebecca Quade




Thank you to those who participated in the Meat Free Week Challenge. Have sent the promised donation to Voiceless  and the offer stands (I will donate $10 per person who completes a meat free week) for any time you wish during the year.

Whether or not you took part, I hope you’ve been inspired to try out some delectable meat free meals from the blogs I mentioned in the last post (two further ones very worthy of note which have recently caught my eye are The Vegan Pantry and mouthwateringvegan) and given some thought to the ways that each of us can help the billions of factory farmed animals around the world and the ensuing environmental and health problems which come with factory farming.


I made it through my Vegan Week Challenge witIMGP6071h just a couple of hiccups and a resulting self imposed fine to Meatfreeweek – firstly for using Oyster Sauce in my Pad Kee Mao dish and secondly for not querying the content of a biscuit I bought at a cafe which would have no doubt contained egg which would’ve almost certainly been from a caged chook.

On the plus side, I found some new recipes to try and have even embarked upon the quest to make Vegan Cheese with the help of Miyoko Schinner’s “Artisan Vegan Cheese” book. Pictured above is my first attempt at the “Sharp Cheddar”. Despite much eye rolling and harassment at home about my new hobby, I am quite excited by the contents of this book which promises the recreation of all my dairy favourites such as meltable mozzarella, ricotta and parmesan with the use of, primarily, cashew nuts and a few obscure ingredients such as xantham gum and rejuvalac.

My “Cheddar” cheese was pretty good for my introduction into the strange new world of vegan cheese making but the texture could do with some improvement to make it convincingly cheddar-esque. Will keep you posted…..there is still much fun and kitchen messiness to be had with my jars of fermenting rejuvalac, mountainous packs of cashews and agar flakes.


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  1. Andy

    still yet to do ‘meat free week’.. but it’ll happen !! Axo

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