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Meat Free Week – it’s betting time !

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Every man and every living creature has a sacred right to the gladness of Sping time” – Leo Tolstoy

A beautiful quote from Tolstoy but, sadly, the majority of animals bred for food (or for their milk or eggs) in Australia and around the world do not get to experience such “gladness”. They will not get to feel the sun on their back or a refreshing cool breeze on a hot summer’s day. This is because they were unlucky enough to be born into a world where they are not protected by law and they are treated as products, not like the sentient beings that they are who feel fear, joy, pain and loss. They were unlucky enough to be born into a factory “farm”.

The wonderful organisation, Voiceless, has come up with a way of raising awareness about the issues surrounding factory farming through their meat free week campaign. The site discusses why factory farming is cruel, how it is dreadful for our environment and the health benefits which can be gained from a meat free diet (or from a reduction in the amount of meat you eat).

the truth is hard to swallow

I also recently read a great article on Mamamia. It is a balanced, not overly confronting read which summarises the issues well.

You have a few days to prepare yourself for your week long pledge with me. I will give $10 to the Voiceless campaign for every person who commits to going meat free from the 18th to 24th March 2013. To clarify, this means no fish, chicken, prawns, sardines, anchovies, minced meat, quail, pork brothed pho, lamb, bacon……..the list goes on ! All you need to do to commit is let me know as a comment to this page or on facebook. Despite the utmost faith I hold in you, if you renege at any time during the week, you will be up for the $10 donation. Fair ? It’s not often that I say this but, I want to give some money away !!! I will hunt you down at the week’s end and see how you fared and, hopefully, work out how enormously out of pocket I am going to be.

I will be joining the pledge too but will be going a little bit further, by committing to a week long vegan pledge. I can do better with my diet. I would class myself as 90 % vegetarian (I still have salmon every couple of weeks or so)  and 80 % vegan (am still eating my “kindly sourced” eggs and milk a couple of times a week) so there is definately room for improvement in the kind eating stakes for me. I am discovering that an increasingly plant based diet does not mean deprivation – but it does require a bit of  imagination in the kitchen if you want to step beyond the lentils and tofu eating caricature (not that there is anything wrong with lentils and tofu!).

The Voiceless campaign is not about everybody converting everyone to becoming vegetarian or vegan and it is not about vilifying people who like to eat meat. It is an awareness and fund raising campaign and may lead to some delicious meat free recipe discoveries. Also, my sweet man is doing the pledge. If he can, trust me, anybody can – this is a man who truly loves his steak.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, but what am I going to eat ?” I hear you scream !

The internet will be your friend on this week long journey. Here are my favourite sites and, trust me, you WILL find an abundant array of recipe suggestions here :

The Kind Cook (you will fall in love with it’s author, Mel, and her recipes)

The Mindful Foodie

Veggie NumNum

Humane Society (subscribe to their recipe of the week option)


Healthful Pursuit

Search “vegetarian recipes” on Pinterest – you will get 1000’s of fabulous suggestions from around the world.

If you are after something quick and easy, I recommend the Linda McCartney range of vegetarian sausage rolls, pies and sausages (my favourite – they are the best vegi sausages I have ever eaten. As somebody who actually likes the taste of meat, I must say that they are convincingly “sausagey” tasting.). Not that I like spruiking anything from the big supermarkets but I have noticed that Woolies have a new “Macro” brand of vegetarian quick and easy meals for sale.

Finally, let’s kick things off with my recipe of the week. I have no idea where I pilfered it from so I cannot give anybody credit. Somebody deserves credit for it though. It is quick, cheap, nutritious and delectable.

Spicy Lentil and Zuchhini Soup

Serves 3-4

1 tbsp oil, 1 chopped onion, 3 grated zucchinis, 1 tbsp of garlic finely chopped, 1 tbsp tumeric, 1 tsp of chilli flakes, 1 litre of “chicken style” or vegetable stock (I use the Vegetarian Massel brand), 1 cup of red lentils, salt and pepper to taste.

Fry onions and garlic in oil, add remaining ingredients and bring to boil. Then simmer for 30 mins.

Good luck in your pledge everyone and don’t forget to let me know of your commitment via a comment – no procrastination, do it right NOW !


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  1. Lisa

    Ugh! I got my butt into gear to slow for this one and missed the boat…guess I owe Voiceless $10. How do I send it to them?

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