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Non Dairy Milk

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“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” – Ghandi


My quest to discover a kinder way to live has led to the dairy products in my diet undergoing a gigantic revamp. Have a read of my “dairy” post to find out what has caused my shift away from dairy. I do want to continue to supp0rt the “kinder dairies” though so am not doing away with dairy for good but I am consuming a lot less of it and am enjoying discovering the multitude of alternatives out there.IMGP6094

I will continue on all things dairy for the next few weeks and give you some delightful alternatives to cheese, milk, yogurt, icecream, cream, butter and so on so there is no deprivation involved – only some doors opening into a brand new, kinder culinary world.

You only need to cruise the long life milk section of the supermarket to find the plethora of milk aternatives on display. The photo above shows the variety of “milks” or whatever you wish to refer to them as, lurking in my kitchen cupboard but my chosen few are :

* Bonsoy. At around $4.50 for 500ml it is not cheap but I only use it in coffee so a carton lasts me for the week. I now understand the uproar a few years ago when it was banned from our supermarket shelves for a short time. Good cafes use it as it wins hands down as a milk substitute for your coffee. I now even prefer it to regular milk. It takes a couple of practice runs to get the heating issue just right. It will congeal if you put hot water into it cold so you need to heat it first. I fill a third of the cup I am using to have my coffee in and heat it for 45 secs on med high in the microwave.

* Regular So Good Soy milk is my “milk” of choice for cooking creamy sauces if you’re not after¬† a coconuty flavour (for Asian dishes, coconut milk is the best – why did I neglect to include this delightful substance from my photo ?!?!). Soy milk is very affordable to buy and easy to find.

* Almond milk is my favourite of the milks for smoothies, porridge and cereals. The So Good Almond Milk is sweetish and great tasting. Again, pretty affordable these days. If you are very enthusiastic, you can even make your own almond milk which I am very keen to try….less packaging and cheaper.

* For travel, the little soy creamers are handy. I bought mine from The Cruelty Free Shop who, along with Vegan Online, sell some delicious looking coffee creamers which I intend to stock up on for my impending trip overseas.

So, get cracking with some dairy free cooking. My recipe of the week, a moussaka-esque dish but better,¬† uses soy for it’s creamy sauce and it was divine. If I may say so myself.


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  1. Bettina

    Oat milk is another good one!

  2. admin

    I realised my omission of that Bet after I posted this, thank you !! x

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