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IMG_0428I am Ing. I live in Sydney with my boyfriend and dog who are both monumental to my life and my tread kindly experiments which I regularly inflict upon my little family.  I work in a government job which a long way from my ultimate job – successfully blogging to the masses about how we can all tread a bit more kindly on our fragile earth and owning an animal sanctuary.
I want to share what I have learnt about living kindly during everyday activities – specifically towards animals and the environment.
I feel excited and completely out of my comfort zone about entering the blogging world but, here we go, please be kind to me. If you like what you read, please show me some love and like me on facebook xxx 


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  1. Skip

    You sound cute. How about a photo. Wink wink. Nudge nudge.

  2. Lynnette

    You do sound cute….and if it’s who I’m thinking of, you are cute “-P
    Great job Ingy! Sounds good. I will be regularly checking this out.
    Seeing as you are talking animal welfare, being gazetted by my local government as an Animal Welfare Inspector I would like to express that I am not happy with my experiences thus far with the RSPCA here in W.A. I do hope the organisation in other states is run a lot better than here.

  3. Tracey Lucas

    You are the best Ing, I love you so much for doing this. I will try to be a better person and make sure I check where my meat is coming from prior to purchase.

  4. Melinda Duncan

    Ingy!!! My little fellow animal activist!! You are THE BEST!! A blog!! What a great idea!! I should probably direct alot of my activism via a blog rather than slowly loose my ‘friends’ via my supposedly ‘opinionated’ and ‘confronting’ posts on facebook!! I would have thought a slab on animal flesh on a plate in front of these people would be alot more confronting – but apparently NOT!! hahah..
    Love your work! I will be a regular visitor to this blog and I will encourage other likeminded souls to do so too. Ok, now when’s our next rally!! xoxoxo

  5. kate Reilly

    Wonderful thing to be doing Ing and I also have refrained from eating pork products without knowing the background,

  6. Alex

    Hi Ing,
    I’m loving your blog, live your dreams i say and spread the word. I hope everybody treads kindly regularly! x

  7. Tory

    Go you good thing! Hope Tread Kindly is inundated with people. x

  8. Gezza

    I’d always heard you had a nice looking blog on ya 🙂 good work tiger

  9. Dana

    I am so impressed with your fabulous effort Ingy! I’ve always steered clear of pork cause I love pigs but I could still be better. I want to give you a big hug!

  10. rex

    Well done Iggy…save one animal at a time but it all adds up and encourages others to do so as well!!!!

    I’m with Skip…how about a photo!!

  11. carmen

    Excellent site Ing and looking forward to reading input. Will let you know how i go with your recipe and i will do the Vegan week. Keeping an eye out for the processes. Send me a reminder! BTW yes…need photo 🙂 x

  12. Tracey Lucas

    Great read Ing, will try the week free of meat, the recipes look brilliant …..Why don’t you come over for dinner soon too xxxx

  13. Alex

    Hey Ing, Love the blogs keep them coming… Very informative.. 🙂

  14. Maya

    Hi Ing, I’m writing from Animals Asia. We’d love to keep you posted with news about our work and so I’m hoping you can please send me your email address. If you can, I can be reached at mgottfried



  15. Life With The Crew

    So great to discover your blog! Thinking positively, contemplating our everyday actions, and showing respect and love for animals – I support all of those! I often remark to my husband that people just don’t THINK about things.

  16. kate reilly

    Since you are as beautiful as you are loving and kind why not leave a photo?
    From a biased viewer. ( mum)xx

  17. Vanessa Barwick

    You are a little ray of sunshine and a true inspiration… go sista so proud of you x

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